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Aug 3, 2022
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Phrases Women Warriors app, is designed for your spiritual growth, so that you know the perfect will of God, also steps to use all the Armor of God in your Christian life, how to approach the holy spirit and how to know it. It also contains books that will help you in the process of your liberation. Here you will learn to find your freedom in Christ and use spiritual weapons.
a blessing is a power to prosper and succeed.
Spiritual worship will help you remain dependent on God, you will grow in basic Christian aspects such as: spiritual warfare, anointed oil, spiritual armor, demonic liberation, how to overcome stress, iniquity, steps for spiritual warfare, what is a demonic influence?

Christian apologetics is a branch of theology and biblical study that aims to defend the authority of the Word of God.

There are various degrees of evil oppressions. As we are dealing with spiritual phenomena often linked to psychological manifestations, the terms used to identify them may vary, and the line of separation between them is sometimes so subtle that some cases could be placed in two or more of the classifications. However, biblical teaching and the experience of the church show us in general terms the following degrees of oppression by demonic spirits.

1. Demonic influence
Some unsaved people who live a balanced moral life are only moderately influenced by demonic spirits, while others who disregard God’s moral laws are severely influenced until they submit to them. Biblical Discipleship It will help you to know the basic doctrines of the gospel.

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity and wants to be your friend and bring about a revival in your life and your family.
Demonic spirits work with our minds, exerting their influence so that we do things contrary to God’s law; to dissuade us from praying or reading the word of God, not to attend meetings to worship God, to create conflicts between brothers in Christ, etc.

2. Ties
When God’s moral law is consciously and persistently disregarded, demonic influence can transform into subjection to demons.

3. Oppressions
Slavery to demons sometimes reaches a point where demonic spirits harass and torment their victims. The strong woman always goes on, even with tears.

in this app Phrases Women Warriors everything you need to listen to the voice of God and follow his will.
you can find different references to Christian and liberation books: The deity, The deity, how to overcome depression, how to overcome fear, The meaning of dreams, The trinity, The love of God, The favor of God, The anointing of the Spirit saint, faith in God, The best keys to obtain a Christian Youth Leadership. Biblical Topics and Sermons will help you find that strength day by day through the Bible and the Word of our Lord Jesus.

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The strong woman always continues, even with tears.


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