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Dec 22, 2021
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Phrases to Share
It is a free application in which you can find many beautiful phrases that you will be able to share with your contacts through Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. You have 2 options, send the image or send only the text and of course dedicate a few words that come out of you and extend until it looks like a letter. The words that you can dedicate are

Birthday phrases
You will find phrases to congratulate on birthdays, this compilation includes original phrases for birthday children, we also have humorous, with beautiful and emotional words. Surely you have the one indicated to surprise that person on their special day, whether they are siblings, friends, cousins ​​parents, etc. We hope they help you wish a happy birthday.

Christmas phrases
• Christmas, time to give, time to share and time to love.
• The best gift this Christmas is your smile.
• Christmas is not about opening gifts, it is about opening our hearts.
• Christmas makes my clothes shrink.
• The best gift is the illusion … The illusion that they give you what you asked for.
• Santa and his reindeer are close, sleep with the angels and wake up tomorrow full of happiness. I love you.
• I wish with all my heart a happy Christmas for you and your family.

New Year phrases
• In the new year value what you have, overcome what hurts you and fight for what you want, happy new year!
• 365 New days. 365 New opportunities.
• I wish you 12 months of prosperity, 52 weeks of joy, and 365 days of success.
• I toast to the good things that happened to us and to the bad things that helped us grow and be stronger. I toast to a new year full of health for all.
• Happy New Year my love, I promise you that in the next 365 days I will continue to love you with all my soul.
Good morning phrases
• Rain of blessings for everyone this day, good morning and happy Sunday.
• Hello! Life is a miracle and being able to breathe this day is a gift, happy Tuesday!
• Good morning, I come to wish you a beautiful and happy Wednesday.
• Today I woke up happy and wanting to give you money, but since I am poor, settle for good morning. Happy Thursday!
• This morning I did not get up with my right foot, I got up in the hands of God. Happy Friday.
• Immerse your mind in all that is good, kind, admirable, and true about this day. Happy Saturday and good weekend.
Love quotes
• If one day I cannot look at you, for me it will be a dark day, because you are my only sun, the one that illuminates me, my love.
• Last night I looked up at the sky and started giving each star a reason why I love you so much. I was missing stars
• Eyes that I will never tire of looking at, lips that I will always want to kiss, but best of all, a heart that I will never stop loving.
• It’s not the look, it’s how you look at me.
• You let yourself be conquered, I am in charge of making you happy.
• With you I lost the desire to meet someone else.

Pretty phrases
• You are like my favorite book, you called me by the cover and I fell in love with each page.
• Trust is not knowing everything about the other, it is not needing to know it.
• I had already kissed you with my eyes a thousand times while you were kissing me with your lips for the first time.
• Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of the body.
Phrases for Athletes
• Every day you put effort into training, and today is the time to show all that you have fought for, do your best!
• It doesn’t matter where you come from or what your origin is. Having dreams and goals is all that matters.
• I am better than I was yesterday, but not as good as I will be tomorrow.
• Pain is temporary, satisfaction is forever.

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• Phrases for My Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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Frases to share
is an application of phrases that you will be able to share with your contacts through Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

✅ The words you can dedicate are:

Christmas phrases , New Year's New Year Personnel , for graduates ‍ , for friends, for dad, for mom, for my boyfriend or girlfriend .



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