Fridrich Method CFOP Tutorial


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Apr 28, 2021
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With this Fridrich Method CFOP Tutorial you will learn the most popular method with 3×3 algorithms to solve the Rubiks cube through precise descriptions that will guide you step by step and will give you the Rubiks cube algorithms 3×3 so that you learn to solve the rubik’s cube like the speedsolving professionals.

This Fridrich Method CFOP Tutorial will guide you to learn, first of all, to learn the rubik’s cube notation, so that you can apply the 3×3 algorithms that will be shown step by step. After you learn them and get practice, you can move on to others advanced methods like and Zz method algorithms.

This 3×3 algorithms app will be your best ally in your speedsolving trip to always have at your fingertips the Rubiks Cube Algorithms and information of this Fridrich method.

This Fridrich Method CFOP Tutorial app will guide you step by step dividing the resolution of the Rubik’s Cube Fridrich Method CFOP in into three parts:

– F2L: It stands for First Two Layers, it combines corner solving with edge solving, greatly reducing your movements in contrast with the beginner’s method.

-OLL: Fridrich CFOP algorithms corresponding to OLL cases, it contains 57 algorithms.

-PLL: Fridrich CFOP algorithms corresponding to the last part of this Fridrich CFOP method tutorial. It permutes all the blocks on the last layer, leaving it solved afterwards. It contains 21 algorithms.

– Simple and minimalist interface.
– Fridrich CFOP Algorithms for OLL.
– Fridrich CFOP Algorithms for PLL.
– Rubik’s cube algorithms 3×3
– OLL and PLL division.
– Improves Block Building skills
– Rubix Cube Solver step by step guide.
– Rubik’s cube Fridrich CFOP Pros and Cons.


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